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    我们班的小雷锋作文|我们班的小雷锋 英语作文

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    陶诗雨是我们班上聪明又善良的小女孩。班级的事总是乐于去做作文200字,最近天气一凉一热的,气候反常作文200字,有一个名叫薛青的同学课后呕吐被陶诗雨看见了,她不怕脏小学作文,主动地拿起扫帚为她打扫赃物作文200字,同学都夸奖她。Tao Shiyu is a clever and kind girl in our class. The class is always willing to do things. Recently, the weather is cold and hot, and the weather is abnormal. Xue Qing, a classmate, who vomits after class, is seen by Tao Shiyu. She is not afraid of dirt. She takes up the broom to clean the stolen goods for her, and all the students praise her.班上的菊花显得没精打采,陶诗雨发现后用自己订的牛奶浇在花根下,花喝了牛奶以后又有精神了。The chrysanthemum in the class seemed listless. Tao Shiyu found it and poured the milk he ordered under the flower root. After the flower drank the milk, it was spirited again.陶诗雨真是我们班上的小雷锋。Tao Shiyu is really the little Lei F
    六级作文预测 亲情作文 作文200字
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