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    爸爸学开车作文|爸爸学开车 英语作文

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    现在很多家庭都有车,今年,爸爸也想要买辆车,所以必须要先考到驾照,他听说现在考驾照非常难,那可得需要真功夫!就这样,爸爸不得不抽时间看驾驶员考试题库,一本书整整1500道题,每天爸爸只要回到家,手里都拿着那本书。翻来覆去的看,上厕所看书,睡觉前也看书。反正一有时间就书不离手,妈妈逗趣地说:你上学时这么用功的话小学作文,肯定是个材料!”爸爸笑了。但爸爸仍然坚持有空就在电脑上做练习题,还信誓旦旦地说要认真学习,争取一次考过!到理论考试的时候了,爸爸叫我和妈妈在家等他的好消息。下午二点半左右,妈妈的手机响了家庭作文,果然是爸爸发来的信息,九十分过关,爸爸竟然考了九十五分家庭作文,爸爸真棒!我和妈妈都为爸爸第一次考试通过高兴。Now many families have cars. This year, dad also wants to buy a car, so he has to get a driving license first. He heard that it\s very difficult to get a driving license now. It needs real effort! In this way, Dad had to take the time to look at the driver\s test question bank. There were 1500 questions in a book. Every day, as long as Dad came home, he had the book in his hand. Look over and over, go to the toilet to read, and read before you go to bed. Anyway, as soon as I have time, I can\t leave the book. My mother jokingly said, "if you study so hard in school, it must be a material!" Dad smiled. But dad still insisted on doing exercises on the computer when he was free, and he vowed to study hard and try to pass the exam once! It\s time for the theory test. My father told my mother and I to wait for his good news at home. At about 2:30 p.m., mom\s cell phone rang. It was the message sent by Dad. He passed the test at 90 points. Dad even got 95 points. Dad is so good! My mother and I are happy that my father passed the exam for the first time.接下来是实践考试。场内场外共三次,每次考试都很严格,所以练车的时候要掌握开车的要领。爸爸每天早上五点起床,六点赶到驾校练车。爸爸说家庭作文,他要珍惜每一次练车的机会,所以每次练习都很认真,他说认真练习、谨慎驾驶是对自己的安全负责,也是对别人的生命负责,决不当马路杀手”!Next is the practice test. There are three times in and out of the field. Each test is very strict, so when you practice driving, you should master the essentials of driving. Dad gets up at five every morning and gets to the driving school at six. Dad said that he should cherish every opportunity to practice, so every practice is very serious. He said that serious practice and careful driving are responsible for his own safety and other people\s lives, and never be a "road killer"!还有几天爸爸就能拿到驾驶证了,到时候买辆新车,一家人开着新车出去好好的转了一圈,那感觉不用说肯定好极了!我在爸爸的学车的行动中领悟到了:功夫不负有心人。My father will get the driver\s license in a few days. When the time comes, I will buy a new car. My family will drive the new car and have a good turn. It\s a great feeling! I learned from my father\s action of learning a car that Kung Fu is not inferior to those who hav
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