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    助人为乐作文|助人为乐 英语作文

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    今天,放学的时候,小明刚走出学校门口其他作文小学生作文中秋节,忽然雷声大作,天上飘下了几滴雨,紧接着哗啦啦”就下起了倾盆大雨。Today, when Xiao Ming came out of the school gate after school, suddenly there was a loud thunder. A few drops of rain came down from the sky, and then it rained cats and dogs.小明正想该怎么回家,忽然看到有一位老奶奶颤巍巍地走过来,风把老奶奶吹得东倒西歪。哎哟!”因为下雨,地上变得很滑,老奶奶一不小心摔了一跤,雨伞也甩出老远。小明看见了连忙跑过去小学生作文中秋节,竭尽全力的想帮老奶奶扶起来。可是,小明年纪太小,没多大力气,怎么也扶不起来。雨越来越大了,老奶奶还坐在雨地里,小明不知所措。正在这时,不远处走来一位叔叔,他看见了这个情况就赶紧跑过来,一边和小明扶起老奶奶,一边问:大妈,你摔疼了吗”老奶奶微微一笑,说:我没事小学生作文中秋节,谢谢你们!”大妈,雨下这么大,让我们送你回家吧!”叔叔说着,把雨衣披在了老奶奶和小明的身上,自己却淋着雨和小明搀扶着老奶奶往回家的方向走去。Xiao Ming was thinking about how to get home when he saw an old woman coming trembling, and the wind was blowing her around. "Ouch!" Because of the rain, the ground became very slippery, the old lady accidentally fell down, and the umbrella also went far away. Xiaoming saw that he hurriedly ran over and tried his best to help grandma up. However, Xiao Ming is too young to help him. It\s raining more and more. Grandma is still sitting in the rain. Xiaoming is at a loss. At this time, an uncle came not far away. Seeing this situation, he ran to Xiaoming and helped her up. He asked, "aunt, do you have any pain?" she smiled and said, "I\m ok, thank you!" aunt, it\s raining so hard. Let\s take you home! "He said, putting his raincoat on her and Xiaoming, But I was drenched in the rain and xiao ming helped grandma to go home.同学们,在我们的生活中会不会也遇到过需要我们帮助的人呢?那你们当时是怎么做的呢?我们都应该和小明还有叔叔学习,做个帮助别人的好人。Students, will we also meet people who need our help in our life? What did you do then? We should all learn from Xiao Ming and his uncle and be a good person to help others.陈逸洁Chen Yi J
    见证作文 新颖的作文题目 小学生作文中秋节
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