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    真丢脸作文|真丢脸 英语作文

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    今天第一节课下课的时候,我们跑进音乐教室,发现有老师来听课。Today, after the first class, we ran into the music classroom and found that there was a teacher.上课了,刚做完眼保健操,老师就站起来说:同学们,你们好!”我们本来想懒洋洋地说老师您好”四个字,但是后面有老师听课,只好精神一点。Class, just finished the eye exercises, the teacher stood up and said: "students, Hello!" We wanted to say "Hello teacher" lazily, but there was a teacher behind us, so we had to be more energetic.老师说:今天要学‘打花巴掌’这首歌。”老师的话音刚落,就有同学在自己脸上打起了巴掌作文范文,教室里顿时响起噼哩叭啦的声音,音乐老师皱起了眉头。这节课上得一点也不认真作文范文,我总觉得很乱。The teacher said, "today I\m going to learn the song of" slapping flowers " As soon as the teacher\s voice fell, some students slapped themselves on the face, the sound of crackling and blaring sounded in the classroom, and the music teacher frowned. This class is not serious at all, I always feel very confused.下课铃声刚响,就有几个同学往外冲小学作文,幸亏听课的老师已经走了。结果音乐老师叫了几个上课表现好的同学回去,其他的都被留了下来。回到教室,王老师数了作文范文,只有22人回来了,还有24人被留在音乐教室里。王老师说那些人要留晚学。As soon as the bell rang, several students rushed out. Fortunately, the teacher who had been listening had already left. As a result, the music teacher asked several students who performed well in class to go back, and others were left behind. Back in the classroom, Mr. Wang counted, only 22 people came back, and 24 others were left in the music classroom. Miss Wang said that those people would stay late.哎,今天二(8)班真丢脸呀!Ah, class 8, class 2 is really disgraceful today!
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