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    闹元宵作文|闹元宵 英语作文

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    今天是农历正月初八,西洪老家闹元宵。太阳公公好象知道我要回老家似的,也起了个大早,暖洋洋地照着大地。我和爸爸、妈妈吃完早饭后黄河作文,便坐车去西洪。Today is the eighth day of the first lunar month. Xihong\s hometown is having a lantern festival. As if father-in-law sun knew that I was going back to my hometown, he got up early in the morning and shone on the earth warmly. After breakfast, my father and mother took the bus to Xihong.到了西洪,我们下车走在水泥村道上黄河作文,只见家家户户门上贴着红红的春联,门口挂着大红灯笼,人们穿新衣,戴新帽,脸上洋溢着欢乐的笑容。When we arrived at Xihong, we got off and walked on the cement village road. We saw red couplets on every door, red lanterns hanging at the door, people wearing new clothes and hats, and happy smiles on their faces.到了家门口,爷爷、奶奶见我回去了,高兴地合不拢嘴。爷爷马上牵着我的手带我去看热闹。刚走到路口,就听到了咚咚当当”的锣鼓声。接着看到一大队人马走了过来。有的举彩旗,有的敲锣鼓黄河作文,有的抬菩萨,有的放鞭炮,还的的举香烛……锣鼓声、鞭炮声、欢笑声弥漫了整个村庄。At the door, Grandpa and grandma saw me go back and couldn\t close their mouths happily. Grandpa took me by the hand to watch the fun. Just walked to the intersection, I heard the sound of gongs and drums. Then I saw a large group of people coming. Some hold colorful flags, some beat gongs and drums, some hold Bodhisattva, some set off firecrackers, and some hold incense candles The sound of gongs and drums, firecrackers and laughter filled the whole village.看过热闹后,爷爷带我回家吃午饭。吃过午饭,我们顾不上午休,便又出发了。来到村庄广场,只见人山人海,有老人、有小孩、还有中年妇女;有得站着,有得坐着,还有的蹲着。大人们乐呵呵地看戏,小孩们在旁边尽情地玩闹。After watching the heat, grandpa took me home for lunch. After lunch, we didn\t mind the lunch break, so we set off again. When I came to the village square, I saw a large number of people, including the elderly, children, and middle-aged women; some had to stand, some SAT, and some squatted. Adults enjoy watching the play and children enjoy playing around.我一直玩到戏散场后才跟爷爷、奶奶回家。回到家,吃过晚饭后,因为累了一天高中作文,我便早早地睡了。这一夜我睡得很香很香。I didn\t go home with my grandparents until the end of the play. Back home, after dinner, because tired for a day, I went to bed early. I slept soundly
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